Starting a New Business

DiMarco, Abiusi & Pascarella CPA’s, P.C., offers a range services for individuals starting a new business.

At DiMarco, Abiusi & Pascarella CPA’s, P.C., we offer services to businesses that are just starting out, such as business plan development, setting up an accounting system, computer software selection and implementation, payroll services, choice of entity (corporation, partnership, LLC, or sole proprietorship), etc. We provide professional help in areas debt and equity financing, help coordinate working relationships with attorneys, banks, insurance agents and other professionals.

No new business plans to fail, but many do fail to plan. Proper business planning is essential for the success of any new enterprise.

As your business continues to grow, our professionals can work with you to help you achieve your business and financial objectives. Far more that an accounting firm, DiMarco, Abuisi, & Pascarella CPA’s, P.C. is a complete resource to building your business’s successful future.