2023 Interns – Thank you!

DiMarco's 2023 interns were a key element to our successful tax season. It was our pleasure to introduce audit, tax and accounting skills to engaging students from Le Moyne College, SUNY Oswego and Syracuse University.

The interns participated in audit and tax work paper documentation, email communication, financial statement and tax return preparation in addition to many other tasks that provided a well-rounded insight into a public accounting career.

Students pictured left-right and top-bottom include Abigail Richer – Le Moyne ’23, Austin Mason – Le Moyne ’23 and SUNY Oswego ’24, Erin Hampson – Southern New Hampshire University ’23, Kady Wood – SUNY Oswego ’25, Kali Lidell – Le Moyne ’24, Kieran Gilroy – SUNY Oswego ’24, Elizabeth Collins – SUNY Oswego ’25, Melissa Pauly – Syracuse University ’24, and Poe Shwe – SUNY Oswego ’25.