NY City NYSAFAH Conference Day

The New York State Association for Affordable Housing annual conference was held in NY City on May 16, 2019. Firm Shareholders Leo Bonfardeci, CPA and Maria Snyder, CPA attended. Housing issues are important, we learned about varying initiatives, we networked, and we also shared ideas and knowledge.

NYSAFAH 20th annual conference program

Investments in housing reach far and wide.  Of course, there are tax credits, bond transaction financing, subsidy programs, and financial challenges.  Housing issues are complex.  At the NYSAFAH conference, we attended many breakout sessions with subjects covering topics discussing new and aging housing stock, homelessness in America, neighborhood preservation, affordable housing, structuring tax-exempt bond transactions with low volume cap and regional planning.

Housing issues directly impact the people who rely on affordable, safe and quality residential housing. We’ve worked with many of the largest real estate developers in the Northeast and are proud of the challenges they overcome and goals successfully achieved. It’s not always about the bottom line, many times it’s about the people, the region and community that benefits from affordable, safe and quality residential developments.

A special shoutout thank you to the many syndicators, real estate developers, clients, friends, and colleagues we spent the day with at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel at Times Square.  We’ll be back next year!